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Gstats Reviews ( + Quiz Answers)

Heaving oceans of stats....a near obsession...never fails to engage...barely a syllable of slack... contains every stat ever compiled about the festival... dry wit, some funny....packed with more nuggets than a KFC warehouse in a chicken glut...


'a great stats site with no stone, pebble or speck unturned... A must check out as always'. Robin Gibson (Racing Post March '19)



'I can't recommend this enough. The info is excellent but the intent is even better, and I hope Marie Curie benefit hugely from this labour of love. And I say that having been banned from the quiz. (which is obviously the best bit). TV's Rory Delargy (Final Furlong Podcast Legend, Irish Field Columnist. Irish Daily Star. Not much he isn't good at. February 2019)


Fri 28th -

GStats gets a lovely mention on the Final Furlong Podcast. Thank you Rory and Emmet. About the 1 hr 20 mark. After Andrew Mount's great hood stat. Worked with Mick Pastor. Andrew's the real deal.


Your tip on outsiders in big fields and betting on the exchange close to the off. A great piece of insight that has made me a lot of extra money Robith, Fat Jockey Forum. Feb 2019.


'You are spot on re Willie Mullins.' 'Bryan has put in a shift, and then some' Tony Keenan, @RacingTrends, Final Furlong Podcast Legend. (pictured beside an old clerk - November '18 - Without prompting, hands me first donation for whatever charity I'm supporting).


'Lots of interesting stuff on Gaultstats... certainly things I didn't know.' Matt Tombs . Now that's what I call praise. Matt is the Betting Guide Supremo. Gave me a free page for Marie Curie in the 2019 Racing TV Cheltenham Guide. A good man.


'Superb stuff' - Kevin Morley (my Nemesis) Racing Post Trends .


'If you are looking for comprehensive trends at the Cheltenham Festival, Gaultstats appears to have all angles covered with an in depth guide to each race and the general meeting trends.' Paul Jones ( and author of The Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide 2000-2015) He is The God, in front of whom we kneel.


'Well done with the admirable project.' Simon Rowlands - Attheraces Sectional Spotlight. Feb '19


'Gault is the Statsman' - Margie McCloone - (Irish Field)


@jampizza -'This is always my starting point when looking at Cheltenham. Such a terrific site full of useful pointers.'


Probably the best stats guide to the Cheltenham Festival and raising money for a great cause - Feb 19






2020 Quiz Answers

1 Willie/Nico

2 Presenting Percy 100/30 Fav

3. Moscow Flyer, Sprinter Sacre, Special Tiara, (wasn't hard now, was it?)

4. Six favourites won in a row.

5. All wearing headgear that they hadn't worn before in a race.

6. To win the Foxhunters (hard to believe he hasn't)

7. Lanzarote. Christmas Hurdle?

8. 59 winners, Final Approach 2011 County Hurdle.

9. Both maidens over hurdles

10. Last 12 yr old novice to win at the Festival. Gloucester Hurdle Div 1 1966. (thank you Mr Delargy) Faugheen?

11. Same sire, Bucks Boum.

12. Lisa O'Neill and Tiger Roll

13. Asterion Forlonge

14. The Taq was the only one of the seven not to be placed in the Ballymore.

15. Fontanesi

16. Can't drink there anymore.

17. Barry Geraghty

18. Fleminsfirth.

19. I'm somewhere top right but, sorry, you're getting no points. My wee joke.






Guru Rating

Less than 8 correct. LESS THAN EIGHT? You do realise Ruby has retired?

8-11 - Naw, its not going to happen, is it? Bit like Fulham.

12-15 - You're going to have to move out of that warm Annual Members Bar at some stage. Get wet.

16-19 - Reasonable, average level of Festival knowledge. Curate's egg. Never going to win anything. Newcastle United.

20-24 - Now we're talking. Friends and family don't call you by your first name. Just refer to you as Smug. Bit like Leinster or Liverpool. Or like City used to be.

25-29 - A Guru. A Professional. People listen when you give an opinion. Or you think that. It's a short step to a preview night, if you're not there already.

30 correct without help - Lies.

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