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The 2019 Quiz


Its getting easier each year. I'm nearly embarrassed to ask some of these questions. Once again, some of the answers might be in Gaultstats, the tramp said, cruelly. As usual the only prize of £20 will be donated by me to Marie Curie on production of the first all correct answer sheet. I'm hopeful that there are 31 points up for grabs. Question master always correct, even when wrong. And I'll try not to be wrong this year..

Answers to please.


The winner is Becky Ventom. A fine performance. Money has been added to the collection



1. Put these trainers in order 1-2-3-4 indicating who won most prize money in the 2018 Festival.


G. Elliott, C Tizzard, W Mullins. N Henderson. Ans. Mullins, Henderson, Elliott, Tizzard.


2. In Ryder Cup terms, which horse 'won' the much vaunted Betbright Prestbury Cup for Ireland at the 2018 Festival? Laurina


3. Put these jockeys in order 1-2-3-4 indicating who had the best winning/places performance in the 2018 Festival.


J Kennedy, B Geraghty, P Townend, D Russell. Ans. Russell, Kennedy, Townsend, Geraghty


For a second point which of the four won the most prize money? Townsend.


4. Which of these trainers won the most prize money at the 2018 Festival?


Kerry Lee, Amy Murphy or Sue Smith. Ans Kerry Lee


5. When Rivage D'Or won the 2015 Cross Country how many winners at that moment in time had Davy Russell at that Festival? What else was special about that win for him? 1 pt each. That was Davy's second winner in the 2015 Festival but his fifth successive winning Festival ride after his Gold Cup day treble in 2014.

Quiz Review Summary

6. The 2019 Picture Round. Where are we? Which horse was a controversial withdrawal from a race at the 2017 Festival and then came here to win? Point for each. We're in Downpatrick and the horse was Anseanachai Cliste.

7. Willie Mullins has now trained 61 Festival winners. But what was extra special last year about number 61? He took the overall lead from N Henderson

8. One of these trainers did not win any prize money at the 2018 Festival.

David Pipe, Joseph O'Brien or Harry Fry? The unfortunate Mr Fry

9. Only three of the 28 races in the 2018 Festival did not make it into the Ladbrokes/Corals list of the 40 biggest betting races in the whole of 2018. Which three of these five, the Mares Novice Hurdle, Close Bros Chase, the 4 miler, Fred Winter or Kim Muir? Ok, Gault's going soft, a point for each. Ans, the latter three, 4 miler, Fred Winter and KimMuir

10. A chestnut, but one we should revisit if only to praise them. Ruby needs one race for a full set of G1s, Barry needs three. Which races please? Yes, point for each. Ruby would like an Albert Bartlett, Barry a Supreme, Mares Hurdle and a JLT.

11. In the last 7 Festivals how many winners has Derek O'Connor ridden? Only the one on Minella Rocco. Has been unlucky. That will change.

12. This sire is the King over the last 6 Festivals with a total of eight winners. Kings Theatre, Presenting, Robin Des Champs or Kayf Tara? Robin Des Champs

13 . Gigginstown were leading owners in the 2018 Festival winning from JP McManus. But what was the margin of victory? £110k, £220k, £330k or £440k? Ans £220k

14. What do Golden Miller and Dawn Run give to the Festival every year? Their name is in the JLT and Mares Hurdle.

15. In 1988 this man saddled the last of his 28 Festival winners. He also rode 17 Festival winners. He is?

Fred Winter

16. Name this horse. Started evens for a Gold Cup. Jim Dreaper said of him 'He had a wonderful engine, the problem was the chassis and the suspension. My great regret was that we never got him 100 per cent right, and you know, despite that great performance in the Welsh National, Martin said exactly the same thing to me.' Carvills Hill

17. I'm often scorned by chums for my Momentum theories on Festival punting. But winning which race in three of the last seven years meant that the trainer was completing at least a treble that Festival day? And since I'm throwing points away, a point for each trainer. The Fred Winter achieved by Mssrs Henderson, Nicholls, and Elliott

18. What name is missing? Browne's Gazette, xxxxxxxx, Dawn Run.   Bobsline, first three Festival winners in 1984

19. Should the favourite win the 2019 Arkle, in betting terms, why would this be so special? Would be the first time in 30yrs plus that any race at the Festival would be won by 5 different consecutive favs. Remember Quevega.

20. Paul Townend has tasted success as a jockey in the 2015, 2017 and 2018 Festivals. But after riding his first winner each year, what was the result of Paul's next Festival ride? Every time he rode a winner, he rode another one with his next Festival ride.

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