TOP FESTIVAL JOCKEYS - 2012 to 2016 - Walsh 20 wins, Geraghty 14, Russell 9, Scudamore 8, Cooper 6, Twiston-Davies 6, McCoy 6. Tom Scu, Bryan and Sam continue to make progress up the board. D Russell +£63, T Scudamore +£28, R McClernon +£27 to £1 stakes on Festival rides over past 5 yrs. R Johnson slips to joint 10th on this leaderboard. Minus £56 to a £1 level stake over that time. JJ Codd best 5 year Festival strike rate in the top ten with three winners from his last twelve rides. Percentages wins to rides - Ruby 22%, Barry 14%, Davy 18% Tom Scu 11%. Ruby has finished as top jockey in 8 of the last 9 Festivals (B Geraghty, obviously). Since 2012 Ruby/W Mullins have a 28% strike rate. What wins do Mssrs Walsh and Geraghty need for a complete set of the 14 Festival G1s? In the quiz. Ruby best 5 yr Cheltenham Course strike rate on 26%, Barry on 15%. Two young conditionals on the way up with a good course strike rate. Harry Cobden 5 winners from 21 rides, Nick Slatter 3 from 14.

All Time Jockeys Festival Wins - Walsh 52, Geraghty 34, McCoy 32, Taaffe 25, Johnson 20, Dunwoody 18, Russell and Swan both on 17. Davy keeps sneaking up the table. He has ridden a Festival winner in the last 11 consecutive seasons. That's impressive.

Jockeys Festival Rides Cold List - (This does sometimes mirror stable form) Since it is not Aidan Coleman's fault that Any Currency was disqualified it is perhaps a little unfair to keep him on this list. But it is the official one. For want of a better word then the current 'leaders' in this category therefore are A Coleman 67, P Brennan 44, P Moloney 41, R Johnson 37, W Hutchinson 28, A Lynch 27, D O'Regan 26, T O'Brien 23. Aidan Coleman's 'win' on Any Currency put Noel Fehily on 'top' with a cold run of 67 until he hugged Unowhatimeanharry in the Albert Bartlett. I haven't seen any interviews but I'm sure he thought it might never happen. A Coleman 6 from 37 on the course this season so lets wish him a bit of Festival luck. Since Cheltenian won the Champion Bumper in 2011, Balthazar King (twice in the cross country) and Fingal Bay have been R Johnson, the Champion Jockey's only Festival winners. Not good for a man who along with Ruby and Barry are the only three currently riding who have won all four championship races. Philip Hobbs has provided him with all eight of his Festival winners since 2007. And Barry might even take the ride on Defi Du Seuil.

CONDITIONAL JOCKEYS - The record of Conditional Jockeys is addressed in each individual race

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