TOP FESTIVAL JOCKEYS - 2014 to 2018 - Walsh 20 wins, Russell 11, Geraghty 8, Scudamore 8, de Boinville 7, Townend 6, Codd 5, Cooper 5, Johnson 5, Twiston-Davies 5, Kennedy 5. With the Elliott machine backing Davy, top jockey in 2018 with four wins. Hops into second over Barry, Ruby two down on 5 yr rolling average from 22 to 20 not helped by bad leg injury suffered in RSA. Would have ridden Laurina. Nico, Tom Scu, Jamie and Paul stay steady. Champion Jockey and Jack fighting their way up. I have a feeling that Sam and Bryan may be disappearing off the page soon. Bryan, only two rides last year, both for Venetia Williams and unplaced. Hardly seems fair. Nico supported by Altior alone. Barry was injured in 2017 and must have been delighted last year with a double. Seems some time since he won top jockey in 2012. Level stakes £1 per Festival ride - D Russell +£71, J Kennedy +£43, P Townend +£33, T Scudamore +£34.5, JJ Codd +£19.5 over past 5 yrs. R Johnson three winners in last two years including a fine GC. N Fehily is minus £41, D Jacob -£39, W Hutchinson -£38, David Mullins -£38 over the five years. JJ Codd best 5 year Festival strike rate in the top ten with five winners from his last 18 rides. Percentages wins to rides - Ruby 26% (steady), Jack 23% Davy 19%, Barry 12%, Nico 17%, Tom Scu 13%. Ruby has finished as top jockey in 9 of the last 11 Festivals (B Geraghty, as well, obviously). Since 2014 Ruby/W Mullins have had a 27% strike rate. Jack and Davy each at about 25% for G Elliott rides.

Check currently best all course strike rate is Bryony Frost with 7 wins from her 27 rides. Go The Fro

All Time Jockeys Festival Wins - Walsh 58, Geraghty 36, McCoy 32, Taaffe 25, Johnson 23, Russell 22, Dunwoody 18, Swan17. Davy keeps sneaking up the table, passing Richard last year. He has ridden at least one winner in the last 13 Festivals. Impressive. Richard Johnson, Ruby and Barry are the only three currently riding who have won all four championship races.

Jockeys Festival Rides Cold List - (This does sometimes mirror stable form) Since it wasn't Aidan Coleman's fault that Any Currency was disqualified it is perhaps a little unfair to keep him on this list. But it is the official one. Good luck with Paisley Park, Aidan. For want of a better word then the current 'leaders' in this category are A Coleman 89, P Brennan 61, L Aspell 57, D Jacob 37, W Hutchinson 36, T O'Brien 32, A Lynch 28, T O'Brien 32. Leighton Aspell has won two Grand Nationals but has never had a Festival winner. Current leading Festival jockeys on a bit of a trot are T Scudamore 21, S Twiston-Davies 29. STD was on a course losing run of 47 before Al Dancer and Cogry in successive rides in December. Darryl Jacob has two Festival winners on Zarkandar and Lac Fontana in 2014, both for Paul Nicholls. He has yet to ride a Festival winner in the Munir 'green'. Some have said, there's no better steerer of a horse. But pick a jockey you'd like to ride an all out finish for your life? Was on Maljamar (Wichita Lineman) and Southfield Theatre (Fingal Bay). I'm just saying, remember 'Darryl In Green', that's all. Has won a Grand National, mind you. Patrick Mullins was on a losing run of 21 before Rathvinden.

The Young Master Nov 18 takes Sam Waley-Cohen off the course cold list after 5 yrs and 45 rides. Mark (the Couch) Winstanley right about him? Those having difficulty include David Mullins, Kemboy, has never had a winner on course from 45 rides and Danny Mullins 0 from 34 over six years. Mind you David has nearly won two Nationals and both of them have collected over £200k each in prize money from the course so they must be useful.

CONDITIONAL JOCKEYS - The record of Conditional Jockeys is addressed in each individual race

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